The Bus Shelter Ipswich is part of a growing network working towards reducing the number of homeless rough sleepers on our streets.

Our focus is on providing local rough sleepers with a warm, dry and safe environment to sleep in and hot food.

A serious effort is then made to introduce guests back into society.

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This Easter Stuart Risebrow will be competing in the "Toughest…


The Bus Shelter Ipswich was born from simple outreach and a…

We are a Community interest company (CIC) and are solely dependant on the support and donations from the public and local business.

We would like to thank the following sponsors

“Hi Gareth,

I just wanted to thank you all not just for the food bank help but for the other help that I’m not sure you all realise you give to me every time I see you all. Jay and Kirsty are so supportive of my anxiety and the ‘well done’ they give me every time I see them, makes me want to go to the shop more and push myself to do more.

Yesterday I went in the shop with mum and we went out the back and I got a bit upset as it was a new space and there was people in there that I wasn’t expecting. Fran and Kirsty couldn’t have been anymore supportive if they tried. They calmed me and made me feel at ease really quickly. I can’t thank them enough for that.

Also you, your help, understanding and support is out of this world. You have done some amazing things and I will forever be grateful for that. Thinking of us at Christmas making sure we had a Christmas dinner was the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me and my family. Your kind words and understanding when you talk to mum or myself always makes us grateful that The Bus Shelter is in our lives.

We will always push through as I know we have the support and help from some of the most amazing people, people that have had their own struggles but still go out of their way to help others. So thank you for everything you have done for me, mum and our family”