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Rough sleeping in the Sahara Desert

This Easter Stuart Risebrow will be competing in the “Toughest Footrace on Earth” to raise money for our very own Bus Shelter.

At the age of 50 Stuart isabout to take on a massive challenge in the hope of raising awareness of, and money for, The Ipswich Bus Shelter. He is funding all costs of the trip soevery penny raised will go directly to help local rough sleepers in and around Ipswich.

The Marathon Des Sables takes place in April 2020. It is a 155 mile race across the Sahara Desert that takes place over 6 days. It is comprised of 4 marathon days, a double marathon long day and a 10km “fun run”. You are only provided with a water ration and shelter. This means you must run the entire race with six days worth of food, clothing, kit and bedding strapped to your back.

Temperatures can reach 50 centigrade at mid-day and close ot freezing at night. The Brutal terrain varies between open rock strewn desert, oven hot sand dunes and steep mountain climbs. The long stage alone can take over 24 hours to complete.

A competitor crosses Ras Khemmouna Jebel, on April 9, 2013, during the third stage of the 28th edition of the “Marathon des Sables”, some 300 Kilometers, South of Ouarzazate in Morocco. The Desert Marathon is considered as the hardest in the World. About 1024 participants have to walk all along 223,8 Kms during 7 days in the Moroccan Sahara in self food sufficient. AFP PHOTO/PIERRE VERDY (Photo credit should read PIERRE VERDY/AFP/Getty Images)

The event takes a terrible toll on the body and the mind. If not managed well these factors can quickly become race or life threatening. If the event doctors have to put you on a drip you get a time penalty and are then sent on your way. Feet can quickly become ruined. Venum pumps are mandatory kit ….

Please visit my Just Giving page and donate as little as your like; £1 from a stranger as valued as £10 from a friend.

Knowing that I am raising lots of money for TBSI will really help me fight to the finish line. Thank you so much!


The Bus Shelter Ipswich was born from simple outreach and a willingness to help others less fortunate than themselves.

Late 2016 following a night out at a restaurant, where they came across a homeless chap outside, founders Gareth & Sarah Brenland took to the streets of Ipswich accompanied by their daughter Tiffani to hand out hot drinks and warm clothing to the guys and girls left in the many doorways at night.

The mission was on and in early 2017 they were donated a double decker bus which Gareth converted into the residential shelter you know to be Tiffers! This idea progressed further with the opening of a shop which was put in place not only to help raise funds for the bus but to serve as a central contact point and drop-in for anyone in need of some assistance with housing, benefits, funding and day to day essentials which is also where our they started to build our amazing team of volunteers.

Sadly late summer 2018 our shop was forced to close due to rising overheads and poor footfall and it was my turn to step up and help take the outreach back onto the streets of Ipswich we could once again provide a service to the rough sleepers and homeless community. We equipped our minibus with a whole host of supplies and every conceivable necessity for someone looking to spend a long night out and it became “The Outreachmobile” and with a few volunteers we took to the avenues and alleyways of Ipswich in search of people needing our help and this is when our Outreach page became live.

Since then the response we’ve had from the public and yourselves has been amazing and a little overwhelming i might add. Our reach has grown very rapidly and thanks to the kindness and generosity of you all we have started 2020 not only with a new shop in Trimley but we are now providing regular outreach at night across five towns and with the launch of our second double decker CHEYS we have been able to provide outreach and a drop-in centre in another two towns during the day and it won’t stop there!

We are pleased to be able to tell you that we now have in excess of seventy people we now outreach on a regular basis across Suffolk, our team of volunteers to help me with this is also growing and further to this i am now a qualified first-aider and have also received training in overdose prevention along with a few of our volunteers which means we are even better equipped to deal with most eventualities we may come across while out and about.

Please please please continue to like and share our posts and updates and together we can build on what we already have to help us reach a little bit further and to show my commitment to this program once our page has reached 1000 followers, i will mark this milestone by going vegetarian for one month.

All that leaves me to say is THANKYOU for getting us this far and we will continue to do right by the people that need it most.


Best Regards


Outreach Manager
The Bus Shelter Ipswich